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A Spine Surgeon who will choose the best route, whether it is Surgical or Non-Surgical, using the latest advanced techniques to treat all of your Various Spinal Conditions.

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Dr. Jeffrey Moore

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Oklahoma City

Location :

3130 SW 89th St., STE 200 Oklahoma City, OK 73159

3705 NW 63rd St. STE 201
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Residency :

Orthopedic Surgery
Seton Hall University/St. Joseph's
Regional Medical Center

Fellowship :

Spine Surgery
University Of Pittsburgh
Medical Center

Advanced Fellowship :

Spine Surgery
Phone TransPsoas(PTP)
Dr. Luis Pimenta california , USA

Spine Surgeon OKC

Dr. Jeffrey Moore is a distinguished Orthopedic Spine Surgeon dedicated to providing exceptional care for patients with various spinal conditions. Dr. Moore’s expertise, coupled with his commitment to utilizing advanced techniques, enables him to offer comprehensive spine care, both non-operative and operative, to his patients in Oklahoma City.

About Dr. Jeffrey Moore


Dr. Jeffrey Moore is a fellowship-trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon with a focus on diagnosing and treating all levels of the adult spine. He completed his residency and fellowship at renowned institutions across the country, gaining invaluable experience in traditional and innovative surgical techniques. Notably, Dr. Moore holds the distinction of being the first surgeon in Oklahoma to perform a minimally invasive ProneTransPsoas (PTP) procedure in the lumbar region, showcasing his dedication to staying at the forefront of spine surgery advancements.

Specialized Areas of Expertise


Dr. Moore offers a wide range of specialized services to address various spinal conditions, including:

Milan Davis
Milan Davis
Dr. Moore first of all listened. Then after several tests I did have neck surgery. I would say it was very successful. He, his staff, and the hospital were fantastic. About one year later he did surgery on my lower back that I suffered with for years. This surgery was successful with no more back or leg pain. I have been very pleased. Sincerely, Milan Davis
Chris Yarbrough
Chris Yarbrough
Dr. Moore is very proficient and his confidence was very reassuring. He explained my surgery beforehand so I knew exactly what was to be done. I feel so much better! His staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. I highly recommend Dr. Moore to anyone expereriencing debilitating spinal issues.
Curt Stafford
Curt Stafford
Dr. Moore is a good communicator. Answers all questions. He is also current on the latest procedures. Choosing him over my other surgeon, with whom has always I had good outcomes, cut in half recovery time and reduced the hospital stay by 3 days. And the outcome has been what was expected. Can't say enough good things about him and his staff.
Julie Garrison
Julie Garrison
I searched for an acceptable procedure to repair my severely injured L4, L5 and S1 vertebrae with minimal recovery time and greatest percentages of success. Nerve stem was completely compressed resulting in partial paralysis and unbearable pain. After my robotic procedure with Dr. Jeffrey Moore I achieved a greater degree of restoration than could have been expected. The entire staff was/is pro-active in my recovery process. I have my life back to a functional level. I did/does take dedicated physical therapy on the patients part and I am fortunate to have what it takes to weather through and succeed. Thank you, Dr. Moore and the entire staff at Sonospine. I'm eternally grateful!
Tonya Rollins
Tonya Rollins
Dr. Moore is amazing! I’ve had two disc replacements. One in September and one at the end of December. He was so attentive and kind. Listen to all my questions and concerns. Highly recommend! Thank you Dr. Moore! I’m feeling less pain each day!
Angel Ketchum
Angel Ketchum
Dr. Moore is amazing and very caring. He has the best bedside manner of any physician I have come across in a very long time. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone.
Cynthia Bianchi
Cynthia Bianchi
Dr Moore is simply amazing. I'm so grateful for him and his awesome staff. My after care is the best I've ever received. God Bless you all.
Brenda Crew
Brenda Crew
Dr Moore had done amazingly good job. He has given my husband life back with out the excruciating pain that he was in from his hardware being loose and not fused like it was supposed to be. The staff for the surgical team to the scheduling to end his office and he himself have a great bedside manner and a professionalism and is very kind and considerate and truly takes the time to listen that is more valuable than anything in the world is when a doctor hears you and sees you in your moments of darkness and didn't make fun of you or poke fun at you thank you Lord for this man and his group that he's with many many blessings for you and all that are connected with you professionally in Jesus name
Anglia Shockley
Anglia Shockley
Amazing service!

Patient Testimonials



I searched for an acceptable procedure to repair my severely injured L4, L5 and S1 vertabrae with minimal recovery time and....



5 Star Recovery and Process Thanks Team!



They've helped me improve my posture and as a result, I feel more confident and less fatigued.



They offered non surgical options and that's what I was looking for

Dr. Jeffrey Moore, Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey Moore is a fellowship-trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon who specializes in diagnosing and treating all levels of the adult spine. Dr. Moore completed his residency and fellowship at multiple renowned institutions around the country. He was trained in both traditional and innovative surgical techniques. He was the first surgeon in Oklahoma to perform a minimally invasive ProneTransPsoas (PTP) procedure in the lumbar spine. Although new to Oklahoma, he is eager to offer his patients excellent non-operative and operative care. His goal is to minimize their recovery time while maximizing their quality of life.

Advantages of Spine Surgery


Spine surgery, when indicated, can offer significant benefits to patients, including:

Common Conditions Treated

Dr. Moore addresses a wide array of spinal conditions, such as:

Advanced Techniques and Technologies

Dr. Moore is committed to incorporating advanced techniques and technologies into his practice to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients. These include:

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Fax: (405) 297-4932


We look forward to helping you achieve a healthier, more comfortable life through exceptional spine care.

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